Tips to browse the internet faster

The address bar on Colibri works quite differently than most other browsers. We would like to highlight some of its unique design and features that will help you browse the internet faster.

1. Use keyboard shortcut to access the address bar

If you want to search the Links or enter a new address, you can quickly jump to the address bar by using the “Open Location” keyboard shortcut Command-L for macOS or Ctrl-L for Windows.

2. Open website directly with its name

In most other browsers, entering plain keywords will open the search results page for that keywords. On Colibri, the address bar works differently. It automatically opens the first item of the search results. For example, if you enter youtube in the address bar, Colibri will directly open the YouTube website. This helps you open any popular websites quickly and predictably. If you instead prefer to view the search results page you can use the “Web Search” keyboard shortcut Command-E for macOS or Ctrl-E for Windows.

3. Use special keywords in the address bar

The address bar can also handle special keywords such as DuckDuckGo’s bangs. This helps you to search on thousands of sites directly. For example, if you enter !yt pizza, Colibri will directly open the YouTube search results page for the search term pizza. This works for many categories of websites, such as entertainment, multimedia, news, research, shopping, translation.